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Girls Learn Cyber LLC

Empowering Tomorrow's Cybersecurity and Technology Leaders!

Led by Dr. Thomas Heverin, an award-winning cybersecurity teaching professor, our program focuses on cultivating the skills and passion for cybersecurity and technology, including AI, in an all-girls setting.

Join Us in Achieving Remarkable Success:

  • Real-World Impact: Our students have earned recognition from university Chief Information Security Officers (CISOs), secured spots on 'Successful Bounty Hunters' lists, and ethically hacked into diverse devices, from data center systems to autonomous shipping vessels.

  • Noteworthy Contributions: They've contributed to creating new Google Hacks, authored a Common Vulnerabilities and Exposures (CVE) entry, and published Python-based ethical hacking tools using ChatGPT.

  • Academic Excellence: With authored cybersecurity and data science conference papers, our students stand out in the cybersecurity landscape.

Ready to Dive In? Reach out via our Contact Page to embark on an engaging journey into cybersecurity!

Read about our achievements and types of projects that you can work on.

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Online Education

“ When actions meet words…..there is real hope to bend the gender equity curve. Thomas Heverin is nurturing the intellectual curiosity, skills and most importantly self-confidence  of a cohort of middle school girls. 

I could not be more proud of my  13 year old daughter, a bounty hunter. She is learning skills way above her grade level” 

Mother of a Baldwin School (an All Girls School) Student

Modern Office

"Dr. Heverin is one of my professors, the Director of SFS CyberCorps, (the scholarship program I am a part of), and my mentor. He has been a huge part in making my college experience memorable and inspirational. Not only has me taught me about cybersecurity, digital forensics, and ethical hacking but he has given me to the tools to teach myself and teach others. Dr. Heverin is passionate about teaching and continuous learning especially when it comes to cybersecurity. He is friendly, dedicated, and attentive towards all students."

Katie Miller, Drexel University ('22) Woman CyberCorps Student

High School Friends

"Dr. Heverin and Girls Learn Cyber have inspired my students to begin their journey into cyber security and go further than I could have ever taken them.  After multiple in-person and virtual visits, students were so invested in learning more that they would come in and tell me about studying outside of class and how they wanted to go further and learn more.  After working with Dr. Heverin for over three years, it has propelled our computer science curriculum and offerings to have a large focus on cyber security moving forward. Dr. Heverin has not only inspired my students to learn more about this field but myself as well.  I look forward to collaborating with Girls Learn Cyber for years to come!"

Addison Lilholt, DREAM Lab Coordinator and Computer Science & Engineering Chair, the Baldwin School (An All-Girls College Prep School)

Computer Programmers

"After becoming a recipient for the National Science Foundation (NSF) CyberCorps Scholarship for Service (SFS) at Drexel University, I never thought I would be working closely with someone that strongly advocates for women so profoundly. As a mentor, Dr. Heverin has dedicated his time to help me prepare for co-op interviews, resume building, LinkedIn building, and by creating a space to share how I’m feeling as an equal. As a Cybersecurity Student Researcher, I always feel a sense of confidence after our meetings since the knowledge he shares is so incredibly valuable. I learned hands on how to use tools and resources such as: Wireshark, Shodan, Nmap, the National Vulnerability Database (NVD), CAPEC, CWE etc which are useful tools to know as a Cybersecurity professional. I am forever grateful for having met Dr. Heverin since he has made a huge impact in my life."

Drexel University ('23) Woman CyberCorps Student

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