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GLC Student Achievements

Cybersecurity Conference Papers

GLC students authored a cybersecurity conference paper on modeling the links between reconnaissance techniques and using statistical algorithms to analyze the interactions between the techniques. GLC students also authored a second cyber security conference paper on reconnaissance on industrial control systems (ICSs).

Bug Bounty Recognition

GLC students earned spots on the Hall of Fame for Drexel University's bug bounty program three years in a row (2022-2024). Search for E. Cohen, E. Deitz, and Jordana W.  GLC students have also received private recognition form organizations for ethically hacking into things like data center cooling systems, autonomous shipping vessels, network attached storage devices, and satellite communication terminals. 

Google Hacks

GLC students have created many new Google Hacks. Google Hacks represent unique Google searches that can be used to find ethical hacking targets. A full list GLC hacks can be found here.

Penetration Testing Modules with AI

GLC students have used ChatGPT to create their own Python-based penetration testing modules with the help of ChatGPT. Check out one GLC's student's modules here and another student's modules here

CVE Entry in the National Vulnerability Database

GLC students authored a critical Common Vulnerabilities and Exposures (CVE) entry in the National Vulnerability Database (NVD). The NVD is used world wide by cybersecurity experts and a wide variety of cybersecurity tools. The CVE entry focuses on software used to control network-connected key boxes.

Exploit Focused on Printers

GLC students developed an exploit that reads the automatically reads directories, print logs, and systems logs of Ricoh printers. The exploit is found in ExploitDB, a database of public exploits. 

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